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Bacterial Testing

Simpson Dental PLLC offers this state-of-the-art molecular biological assay that allows us to provide individuals with more effective periodontal treatment.

Bacterial testing results support therapeutic decisions, including the selection of adjunctive antibiotics and optimum follow-up intervals or prophylactic measures.

Certain bacteria are known to cause periodontal disease. In order to effectively treat the condition, our dentists need to determine which type of bacteria are involved. Bacterial testing allows us to isolate the types of bacteria that negatively affect your oral health. Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson are then able to prescribe a specific antibiotic to fight this certain bacteria and improve your smile’s health.

In addition, our diagnostics are essential tools in the risk assessment at the molecular level, prior to costly and time-consuming restorations and in the documentation of therapeutic success. Using bacterial testing in Charleston, West Virginia, our team can ensure that your oral health will not be disrupted or adversely affected by any restorations or other treatments we recommend. Bacterial testing helps us provide you with dental treatment that is safe, effective, and tailored to your individual needs.

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