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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have advanced the art and science of dentistry. From accurate diagnosis of decay to the improved healing and reduction of discomfort during surgical procedures, Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson continue to incorporate more laser devices that are improving the quality of care. We pledge to only incorporate new technology that improves the quality, outstanding efficiency, and comfort for our patients.

Our dentists use a variety of lasers in dentistry today, including:

Laser cavity detectors – By focusing a beam of light at the tooth, the bacteria will exhibit fluorescence. The detector measures the light that reflects and measures the amount of decay present in a tooth. This accurate and harmless technique is very accurate in measuring decay.

Soft Tissue Lasers – There are a variety of laser wavelengths and types available for dentistry. One of the most useful lasers is the CO2 laser. This versatile tool is very effective in the treatment of periodontal disease as it kills bacteria and encourages reattachment of tissues. Most surgical procedures benefit from the use of laser as it seals blood vessels and nerve tissue and shortens healing time. A clean, dry surgical field allows for accurate and quicker surgeries. Lasers have greatly improved patient care.

Hard Tissue Lasers – Removing decay with lasers or abrasion devices is ideal for small cavities and can often be done without the need for anesthesia. The key is to catch decay early!

We welcome you to contact us today at Simpson Dental PLLC to learn more about the benefits of dental laser treatment in Charleston, West Virginia.

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