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Advanced Technology

We have invested in the most advanced technology to be able to provide patients the best that dentistry has to offer. Our state of the art in house lab uses only the finest materials to fabricate your hand crafted custom restorations. Our doctors and staff are highly trained to handle all your dental needs from your smallest concern to full mouth comprehensive care.

Our position on technology is simple. Technology must allow us to provide care that was not possible before, improve the quality of care we provide, make our patients more comfortable, and lower the cost of treatment. These are technologies we will incorporate into your treatment.

At Simpson Dental PLLC, we utilize the most advanced C.T. Scanning technology to create the most accurate treatment plans. CTs allow 3D evaluation of the width, depth and height of the bone. Conventional panoramic x-rays cannot provide this information. This allows the most comprehensive assessment of your current condition for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. We have been using this technology since 2002 when the technology first came on the market. We recently purchased a new model, The Carestream 9300. This is one of the most advanced machines on the market today. The 9300 allows multiple fields of view for every specific application necessary. If there is technology that allows us to improve the quality of care for you or your loved ones, you can be sure we will use it.

At Simpson Dental PLLC, we use piezoelectric technology which is an ultrasonic that operates at 40,000 cycles per second. This is a technology that allows us to remove teeth, place implants, bone graft and various other surgeries better and more accurately than ever before. This system uses ultrasound waves to cut through bone. The piezo has been designed and proven to be safe around delicate areas including soft tissue, nerves and vessels; therefore using the piezo increases accuracy and minimizes discomfort.

Lasers in dentistry are not new but they certainly are improved. If you have gum disease or are in need of dental surgery, then CO2 lasers in particular are your friend. When you make an incision with a CO2 laser, you seal the nerve endings and blood vessels as you make an incision. This results in quicker, more comfortable healing. Dr. Simpson states, “CO2 lasers have revolutionized dentistry; we use them every day. The results speak for themselves with our patients being more comfortable, faster healing and better results. Some technology really makes a difference. CO2 lasers have been revolutionary.

Restorative dentistry has completely changed in the last 10 years. For the last 500 years, dental crowns have basically been made the same way. Metal was cast into the shape of a tooth and cemented to the remaining tooth to replace the decayed or fractured portion of the tooth. Changes were made to add porcelain to the tooth to make it tooth-colored. Basically, things were the same since modern dentistry began in the year 1510. Everything has changed now.

In 1985, the first CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, was made. By taking a 3-dimensional image of a prepared tooth, you can design a restoration on a computer and then mill the crown out of a solid block of ceramic. Although there were issues of durability of the early restorations, the current advances in every aspect of the process are truly phenomenal.

Simpson Dental PLLC has used CEREC for the last 10 years. We recently purchased the newest version of the CEREC in Lab system designed for commercial laboratories. We also acquired the latest version of intraoral camera, the CEREC omnicam.

The advancement in technology is truly amazing. The restorations fit better than those made the old fashioned way and are truly beautiful and durable. In fact, they have proven to be the most beautiful and strongest restorations ever available. If you are in need of a strong, durable dental restoration, ask for CEREC. Simpson Dental PLLC has the finest dentistry available today.

Keeping up with your regular professional dental hygiene visits is essential to good oral health. Simpson Dental PLLC uses the newest dental hygiene technology, such as ultrasonic scalers, for improved treatment. These scalers use a combination of water and vibration to create a cleaner root surface. Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at 50,000 vibrations per second, resulting in removal of bacterial build-up while keeping the patient comfortable. We also use ultrasonic scalers to treat periodontal disease by creating a new and clean root surface to promote proper gum attachment. Using this technology, we are able to provide the most effective dental hygiene treatment and shorter dental appointments while keeping our patients comfortable. Technology that improves the quality of care and keeps our patients comfortable is what Simpson Dental PLLC is all about.

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