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Sedation Dentistry


As part of our General Dental Services Simpson Dental PLLC in Charleston, WV offers sedation dentistry in order to calm patients who are severely anxious about visiting the dentist. Endorsed by the American Dental Association, this is a safe way to ease patients’ fear and anxiety. We recognize that having a severe fear of the dentist can keep patients from achieving the smile they desire. With the latest advances in dental relaxation, dental visits can be more enjoyable.

At Simpson Dental PLLC, we offer a number of ways to help make each patient more relaxed and comfortable during their dental visit:


Spa dentistry is one of the techniques that we use to help make patients feel more at ease. We can give our patients headphones to listen to their favorite music, warm neck wraps, or we have aromatherapy candles that can provide a relaxing atmosphere.


For those patients that are very apprehensive and feel that they need something more than relaxation brings, we offer sedation dentistry. We give the patient medication to relax them the night before their appointment in order to get a good night’s sleep. A companion accompanies them to the appointment, and the patient will be given another sedative under the supervision of the doctor. The patient will not remember most of the appointment and will be able to leave with their dream smile. The companion must stay with the patient the rest of the day after leaving the dental office.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about sedation dentistry in Charleston, West Virginia, and to set up your next visit with Drs. Mark and Christen Simpson.

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